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Our very own Dale Weis gets some camera time.

Cheyenne, WY (KGWN) – From fighting for our country, to fighting for a job. Veterans gathered at the Storey Gym on Thursday to look for jobs.

“It’s a veterans specific job fair, the time frame that they have for us, so its nice to be able to have something that focused on us,” said Mikki Munson, a veteran.

The goal was to help veterans locate jobs that can be hard to find. “Sometimes my experience in these job fairs is it’s more labor jobs instead of the human resource jobs which is my background,” said Munson.

Which is why local employers are turning the tables, serving those who served for us. “They’re just mature, reliable, dependable people who are just used to the regiment,” said Garry Halter, for the Wyoming Department of Corrections.

“We value their service to the country and to us, so we want to give back, its a time for us to give back to the veterans,” said Dale Weis from Encore Electric.

All in hopes of simply matching employers with a smiling face, and not just a resume. “Here you get that opportunity to do that, meet face to face with that person, market your skills,” said Jerry Davis, from Cheyenne Workforce Services.

Veteran Job Fair Helps Those Who Help Us