2016 IECRM Summit Award – Demonstrating Leadership as a Veteran Friendly Employer

Independent Electrical Contractors, Rocky Mountain Division, awarded Encore Electric, Inc. the 2016 Summit Award for “Demonstrating Leadership as a Veteran Friendly Employer”.

Encore is proud to work with veterans and happy to contribute to these Veteran Employment Statistics (from the Bureau of Labor Statistics):

1. The unemployment rate for all veterans is consistently below the unemployment rate for non-veterans. In July 2015, the veteran unemployment rate was 4.7%, compared to the non-veteran unemployment rate (for individuals 18 years and older) of 5.4%.

2. 80% of veterans in America are age 45 or older. Only 3.4% of unemployed veterans are age 24 or younger.

3. In July 2015, the unemployment rate for veterans age 24 and younger was 9.8%, compared to the 11.3% unemployment rate for non-veterans of the same age.